"Sing Your Soul Awake"
Agoura Hills, CA

Private Girls Camp
Topanga, CA

"The Embodied Solar Feminine" Launch
8-Week Masterclass
Agoura Hills, CA


"The Embodied Solar Feminine" REGISTRATION OPEN!

We are moving through EXCITING times on our planet and it is most important that we remember to keep our focus on unconditional love as we witness the breakdown of the system we have known for thousands of years.
While it is unknown territory, we have been prepared to hold still and steady in our peace in the midst of all things. This is the time we came to demonstrate LOVE in the midst of chaos and we all require community and tools to help us stand in trust in the middle of the storm.
JOIN ME beginning August 24th, 2022 @ 7 p.m. PDT for "The Embodied Solar Feminine" hosted in person at the Newmont Center for Balanced Living in
Agoura Hills, CA.

An 8-week journey to help you align to the creative power of your own voice and awaken your soul song through powerful shadow work, devotional singing, toning meditation, breathwork, and ceremonial transmuting of stagnant energy, thereby reclaiming your wholeness and divine self-expression!

To learn more and register, 
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FALL 2022!











Sound and frequency are EVERYTHING! I AM so excited to bring you new music that is certain to become part of your life's soundtrack!

We are in the process of recording TWO projects that are designed to help you awaken more deeply to your soul essence and remembering YOU! When we awaken our hearts and cultivate our integrity and virtue, our vision and lives begin to shift enabling us to see through the illusions of duality and embody love in more areas and situations. From experience, mantras and devotional music play a huge role in shifting our internal frequency into peace, joy, creativity, trust, and the embodiment of divine consciousness. Particularly when it is aligned upon the foundations of mathematically-aligned tones.

These songs are golden seeds of LIBERATION for the heart of humanity that tell the story of the hero and heroine's path home to the heart of God, along with its victory and heartache that ultimately lead to true freedom and joy! They will take you to the deep places within and whisper to you how loved and valued you truly are! We can't wait to share them with you...

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